New Mandate for Charging Stations in Every Car Park

December 21, 2023

Ireland has mandated that a percentage of all car spaces must be equipped with electric vehicle (EV) chargers. This legislation aims to accelerate the adoption of EVs, reduce carbon emissions, and create a more sustainable transportation future. 

Frontline Energy welcomes this initiative as it aligns with our commitment to clean, renewable energy. The mandate ensures that both new and existing car spaces, across residential, commercial, and public areas, will be required to have EV chargers, addressing a key concern for potential EV owners – providing easy access to charging infrastructure across the country. 

This move not only supports the growth of EVs but also fosters the development of an efficient charging network nationwide. This mandate is a pivotal step towards a greener future, where solar energy and electric mobility seamlessly integrate, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable living.

As Ireland takes a bold step towards becoming a leader in clean transportation, Frontline Energy remains dedicated to empowering homes with solar energy solutions and contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of living. The sun, coupled with the rise of electric vehicles, is set to transform Ireland into a model of innovation and sustainability for years to come.

This mandate and the general demand for more sustainable driving solutions means EV charging stations will be compulsory in all car parks going forward.

Frontline Energy’s experienced team is committed to offering turnkey solutions and can advise domestic and commercial customers on which EV charger is most suitable for their needs, providing them with a friendly and professional home charger service while ensuring they receive ongoing after-sales customer service, support and maintenance.

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