Navigating Government Grants for Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

December 21, 2023

As Ireland embraces the sustainable shift towards electric mobility, we’d like to share some insights into government grants that make adopting Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions more accessible and cost-effective.

SEAI Home Charger Electric Vehicle Grant: Easy Transition to EV Charging

One of the standout incentives is the €300 SEAI Home Charger Electric Vehicle Grant. What sets this grant apart is its unique feature that you can apply for it even if you haven't made the switch to an electric vehicle yet. Frontline Energy’s team of professional and qualified electricians are ready to assist you with both the installation process and the grant application. By choosing Frontline Energy, you ensure a smooth and efficient journey towards a sustainable, electric future.

To qualify for this grant, your EV must be parked off-street at your home, and the charger must be connected to your home by a Safe Electric Registered Electrical Contractor.

SEAI Apartment Charger Grant: Empowering Multi-Unit Developments

Recognising the need for EV charging solutions in apartment complexes, the SEAI Apartment Charger Grant provides a great starting point for Apartment Owners, Management Companies, and landlords seeking a ‘Greener’ solution. Landlords can now benefit from grant funding to install EV charging systems. The funding levels vary:

·       Local Authorities or Approved Housing Bodies can access up to 90% funding.

·       Owners Management Companies can avail of an 80% funding level.

·       Management Companies of Build-to-Rent Developments can benefit from up to 60% funding.

Residents in multi-unit developments have two options to avail of the grant, depending on the existing EV infrastructure in their complex. Frontline Energy's expert team is available to provide tailored EV charging solutions to meet the specific needs of apartments, management companies, local authorities, and landlords nationwide.

Shared Island Sports Club EV Charging Scheme: Empowering Sports Communities

For sports clubs across Ireland, the Shared Island Sports Club EV Charging Scheme provides funding for the installation of EV charge points. Administered by Pobal on behalf of Zero Emission Vehicle Ireland (ZEVI), this initiative supports sports clubs in contributing to a sustainable future. Governing bodies for sports in Ireland can submit an Expression of Interest List on behalf of their member clubs, creating a potential revenue stream for the clubs and benefiting their communities.

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