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Your goal is to ensure that the optimal design for building performance is delivered by the supply chain that brings the highest value add.


District Heating

District heating is the concept that all of a development’s requirements for heating and hot water are met through a centralised plant room or supply. This can consist of multiple fuel sources typically delivering heat into the system through the same location. In Ireland this is typically a centralised plant room within the development and the heat is distributed from this point through highly insulated LPHW pipework. Residents are then billed for their consumption which is recorded by a heat meter typically placed before it enters the Heat Interface Unit (HIU).

Economies of scale

The centralised nature of a District Heating system, that serves an entire community rather than individual systems heating the home of each community member, enables reductions in carbon emissions and running costs.

Consumer peace of mind

Lower running costs and maintenance mean lower energy bills for consumers, while the centralised system can provide improved comfort with hot water on demand 24 hours a day. District heating can also improve the energy rating of a connected home, potentially increasing its value.

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Case Study

Custom House Square, Dublin

Built in 2000, Custom House Square is a mixed-use development situated in the IFSC, Dublin 1. The complex comprises 588 apartments built over 3 phases and commercial space used for retail and food services.

First year savings for management company
Project funding from SEAI


For us, Health & Safety is not simply a box to tick. Given how highly we value our employees and their health and wellbeing, it’s one of our central foundations. We share in the belief that all accidents, injuries, and incidents are preventable. So in the same way we strive to optimise energy efficiency and maximise the performance of the systems we install and maintain, Frontline takes a proactive approach to Health & Safety. We conduct ongoing safety training and development and are committed to protecting our workforce and securing their working environment.

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