Your goal is to ensure you assemble a trusted supply chain that will deliver your project according to your quality, programme and health and safety goals.

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Mechanical Services

Heating, plumbing, air conditioning, and ventilation systems experience considerable loads in their day-to-day usage. The constant friction, heat, and moisture can cause extensive wear and possibly result in failure. To reduce that likelihood, as well as the cost of their repair, having a mechanical services agreement in place with a provider like Frontline Energy is vital. Our facilities management team of engineers and technicians delivers pro-active planned maintenance and responsive reactive maintenance to optimise efficiency and reduce costs.

Improved reliability

Maintaining all heating, plumbing, air conditioning, and ventilation systems will result in less wear to your equipment, increase its longevity, and enable it to run more reliably and efficiently. This will keep repairs to a minimum and reduce outages or downtime.

Reduced energy costs

When HVAC systems are regularly and expertly maintained, their running efficiency means lower energy consumption and reduced utility bills. For commercial and residential end users alike, this spells significant savings.


District Heating

District heating is the concept that all of a development’s requirements for heating and hot water are met through a centralised plant room or supply. This can consist of multiple fuel sources typically delivering heat into the system through the same location. In Ireland this is typically a centralised plant room within the development and the heat is distributed from this point through highly insulated LPHW pipework. Residents are then billed for their consumption which is recorded by a heat meter typically placed before it enters the Heat Interface Unit (HIU).

Economies of scale

The centralised nature of a District Heating system, that serves an entire community rather than individual systems heating the home of each community member, enables reductions in carbon emissions and running costs.

Consumer peace of mind

Lower running costs and maintenance mean lower energy bills for consumers, while the centralised system can provide improved comfort with hot water on demand 24 hours a day. District heating can also improve the energy rating of a connected home, potentially increasing its value.

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Peter Zambra

Peter has 20 years experience in the facilities/mechanical industry and gained qualifications as a Plumber. Peter obtained qualifications as a registered gas installer to name some of the qualifications acquired over the last 20 years. He started off his career within Frontline as a Plumbing Technician and has progressed over the last 13 years to be the company Chief Operating Officer.Peter's responsibilities as COO is to have overall responsibility of Frontlines operations, working closely with the service desk team and technical teams. Peter adopts a hands-on approach while liaising directly with clients and the operations team to ensure our client's needs and services are delivered to the highest possible standard.

Denise Coyne

Denise joined Frontline Energy in 2012 and brings a unique knowledge of supply chain procurement, and avails of the best commodity prices. Her forecasting ability benefits Frontline's property manager and investor clients every day. Denise ensures cash flows steadily and reliably so that continuity of service is maintained for all clients. Denise also has responsibility for all reporting, financial management and compliance with all financial requirements for the company and is a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants of Ireland.

Denise Heneghan
Account Manager

Denise has been a key member of the Frontline team since 2010. In her role she assists property managers and investors to mobilise the district energy contract from the ground up and remove headaches for Frontline's clients. She has highly developed organisational and communication skills and provides an important interface between client team and Frontline's technical team in the operation and maintenance of the district heating system.

Sean Harty
Head of Sales & Engineering

Sean is Frontline Energy's Head of Sales and Engineering. He is a seasoned professional in the field of renewable energy and energy management. With a background in technical sales advisory, Sean has advised both domestic and commercial clients throughout his career. He has previously held positions at HEVAC and Heat Merchants before joining Frontline Energy as a building services engineer. With over 3 years of experience running a technical department at Lindab, Sean brings a wealth of knowledge to his role and is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to his clients.

Case Study

Custom House Square, Dublin

Built in 2000, Custom House Square is a mixed-use development situated in the IFSC, Dublin 1. The complex comprises 588 apartments built over 3 phases and commercial space used for retail and food services.

First year savings for management company
Project funding from SEAI


For us, Health & Safety is not simply a box to tick. Given how highly we value our employees and their health and wellbeing, it’s one of our central foundations. We share in the belief that all accidents, injuries, and incidents are preventable. So in the same way we strive to optimise energy efficiency and maximise the performance of the systems we install and maintain, Frontline takes a proactive approach to Health & Safety. We conduct ongoing safety training and development and are committed to protecting our workforce and securing their working environment.

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