Skylab & Pizzeria - Erin Property Management

Scale and description of the project

We provided the full fitout of 7no. 7kW under ceiling air conditioning units across the 1st, 2nd,3rd and 4th floor offices along with 4no. 7kW units in the pizzeria on the ground floor. We also provided a full commissioning service and ongoing maintenance contract to maintain the units.

The Client’s vision

The equipment had come to its end of life and as our client prides itself on providing the best possible environment for their tenants they wanted to make sure the old units were decommissioned before there were any issues and new to of the range equipment was installed.

Key challenges and their solution

The main challenge we faced was when we would be able to complete the works as the offices are occupied during the day and the pizzeria during the evening meaning we had to work around a very tight window and required a very quick turnaround due to the forecasted hot weather approaching.

Frontline put together a proposal to carry out these works to make sure none of the tenants were disturbed. 

We completed this in the agreed time frame with zero disturbance to the tenants.

Services provided

Full installation of the units involving HVAC, Plumbing and electrical works along with making good after.