Pillo Hotel Ashbourne - Fan Coil Unit Valves and Controllers Upgrade

Scale and description of the project

We have been tasked with upgrading the valve arrangement and controllers for the hotels fan coil units in each of the rooms.

The Client’s vision

The client’s vision is to provide a top-class service and accommodation to their guests and appointed frontline to carry out their upgrade works to ensure that all the rooms had the required heating and cooling ability when required. The new controllers will also give the customer more control to bring the room to their ideal temperature.

Key challenges and their solution

One of the key challenges was getting the right equipment to work with the fan coil units on site but after a site survey and a bit of work in the background we came up with a proposal that would give the client what they wanted while working with the current fan coil units.

The other was arranging access to the required rooms, as its an extremely busy hotel Frontline had to work very closely with the front of house staff to ensure there was no disruption to their booking capabilities or to the customers.

Services provided

  • Project Management
  • Plumbing 
  • HVAC
  • Electrical