Heuston South Quarter Biomass Feasibility

Scale and description of the project

Due to the volatility in the gas markets Frontline Energy were engaged to perform a feasibility study to look at firing a previously unused biomass boiler that was installed when the building was first constructed but never ran because commercial gas was historically cheaper. The study concluded that it would now be beneficial to run the biomass boiler to provide the required heat load of the development and Frontline Energy were instructed to start the procedure in getting it up and running.

The Client’s vision

The client’s vision for this project was to bring the biomass boiler online to help reduce energy costs to the development along with reducing their carbon emissions and making use of a renewable energy source instead of a fossil fuel.

Key challenges and their solution

One of the main challenges we faced while undertaking this study was the volatility in the market regarding gas and wood pellets making it nearly impossible to try and predict. Also, as the boiler hadn’t run in approx. 15 years, we were unaware what issues would arise once the boiler was fired.

We built a model to help predict gas prices which would allow us to quickly input new values and instantly give us new costs based on the current market values.

We also engaged a specialist to run and provide support to the biomass boiler to make sure it was running as designed and any parts were replaced when required to make sure of a smooth switch over from the gas boilers to the biomass boiler.

Services provided

  • Energy Engineering Report
  • Project Management for the firing of the boiler
  • Plumbing Services