Glas Care Group

March 1, 2024

24/7 on call service combined with planned preventative maintenance ensures uninterrupted operations at Glas Care Group's nursing homes.

Frontline Energy is the trusted partner at two care centres for Glas Care Group, delivering holistic facilities management solutions to ensure reliability and peace of mind.

Maintaining peak performance of all facilities is crucial, especially in the context of elderly care. With Glas Care Group's commitment to excellence, having 24/7 access to skilled engineers is paramount.

Our comprehensive services cover both proactive and reactive maintenance, ensuring seamless operation and ongoing upkeep. With an in-house approach, Glas Care Group benefits from streamlined management and comprehensive oversight.

From HVAC systems to plumbing and power equipment, regular inspections and preventative maintenance are key to avoiding costly replacements. By addressing issues before they escalate, Frontline Energy safeguards continuity of services while reducing downtime and costs.

In addition to Planned Preventative Maintenance, Frontline Energy offers plant maintenance and upgrades to further enhance efficiency and performance.

Care Centres

New Park Centre, The Ward, Co. Dublin

Beechtree, Old Town Co. Dublin

Facilities Management Services Provided

1. Heating Maintenance:
  - Servicing of gas boilers across various areas including basements, main residences, and external extensions.

2. Hot Water Services:
  - Maintenance of gas boilers to ensure uninterrupted hot water supply.

3. Cold Water Services:
  - Regular upkeep of cold water tanks and booster pumps for taps and showers.
  - Inspection and maintenance of rainwater tanks and booster pumps to ensure water availability.
  - Management of water systems for laundry services.

4. Air Conditioning:
  - Maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems for resident and staff comfort.

5. Electrical Maintenance:
  - 24/7 emergency service for electrical issues.
  - Routine maintenance of electrical systems for safety and functionality.

6. Plumbing:
  - Prompt response to plumbing emergencies.
  - Regular inspection and maintenance of plumbing fixtures and drainage systems.

7. Refrigeration:
  - Servicing and maintenance of all fridges and freezers throughout the facility.

By delivering these comprehensive services, Frontline Energy ensures Glas Care Group's nursing homes and residential care facilities remain safe, comfortable, and operational for residents, staff, and visitors alike.