Your goal is to maximise return on investment, ensure quality properties and reduce environmental impact.

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District Heating

District heating is the concept that all of a development’s requirements for heating and hot water are met through a centralised plant room or supply. This can consist of multiple fuel sources typically delivering heat into the system through the same location. In Ireland this is typically a centralised plant room within the development and the heat is distributed from this point through highly insulated LPHW pipework. Residents are then billed for their consumption which is recorded by a heat meter typically placed before it enters the Heat Interface Unit (HIU).

Economies of scale

The centralised nature of a District Heating system, that serves an entire community rather than individual systems heating the home of each community member, enables reductions in carbon emissions and running costs.

Consumer peace of mind

Lower running costs and maintenance mean lower energy bills for consumers, while the centralised system can provide improved comfort with hot water on demand 24 hours a day. District heating can also improve the energy rating of a connected home, potentially increasing its value.

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Facilities Management

Facilities management can improve tenant satisfaction, reduce operating costs, and keep your property compliant, allowing you to focus on growing your business and maximize returns on investment.

Property and Tenant safety

Our facility management services guarantee that your property is in compliance with all codes and regulations, and that all systems are properly maintained year-round. With us, you can rest assured that your tenants will feel safe and secure in your property.

Reduce Running Cost

Save money and eliminate the overlap of services, which means you will not have unnecessary extra costs that you would experience with external vendors. This will allow you to focus on your business and maximize your returns on investment.

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We actively source and negotiate the most competitive and flexible energy supply contracts for our clients. We work closely with our client In a partnership first approach to provide full transparency and the information required to determine the best deal that meets their needs.

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